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Before we launch, we’re donating a meal to an LA food bank for every email signed-up.

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Feeling good.

Doing good.

Goodness is conscious cannabis. We make thoughtfully designed, CBD-rich products for the modern cannabis explorer.

  • Joints
  • Pens
  • Hearts
  • Flower

With each purchase, 50% of the profits go towards helping innovative nonprofits improve the well-being of people and planet.


We need your help.

When you sign up we donate 1 meal to an LA food bank.

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Before we launch, we’re donating a meal to an LA food bank for every email signed-up. Join us.

Our Products

Our Products

Goodness is for feeling good and doing good. Choose your mood with our line-up of light-THC, CBD-rich joints, mints and vape pens.


Our joints are filled with blends of sun-grown, craft cannabis and CBD flower. 50% of the profits help to conserve nature and protect wildlife.



Heal The Bay is SoCal’s strongest advocate for the ocean. They are dedicated to protecting our coastline, revitalizing our urban waterways, and speaking out for smart water policy.



Our range of vape blends will leave your world a little warmer, a little more vivid and a little more interesting. 50% of the profits help to provide education and jobs to underserved communities.



Food on Foot helps LA’s homeless by feeding, clothing, employing and facilitating the transition to life off the streets.



Easily tossed in a pocket or purse – these discreet CBD infused, microdose hearts are just what you want for a gradual controlled high (and minty fresh breath). 50% of the profits help to deliver shelter, nutrition and wellness to those in need.



Keep A Breast is a foundation that uses art and educational programs to raise awareness for methods of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.


A meal for every email.

Sign up now! We’re funding a meal to an LA food bank for every email signed up.